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Raw Food

Raw food is delicious and tasty with lots of health benefits. We should try to eat as much raw food as we can. Here is my what and why of Raw Food.

What is Raw food?

It is exactly what it indicates, Raw food! It is 100% all natural fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts that are not cooked or heated over 42C. This enables all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes to stay pure and to be absorbed as optimal nourishment for the body.

Why Raw Food?

  • It`s simply tastes fresh and good! There are so many scrumptious recipes to make from raw nutritious ingredients.
  • Simplicity, the recipes are easy and fun to make. If you have certain intolerances or allergies it can make life and cooking easier. As I don’t eat gluten, dairy or sugar, these recipes are perfect for me.
  • Health benefits. Natural foods can cleanse the body and get rid of toxins that are the cause of poor health. Bodily functions such as nerve impulses, body temperature, hormone balance and digestion are all reliant on enzymes. By cooking food, it breaks down these enzymes. Cooking also brings out acid toxins in food which upsets the body’s alkaline level. These acid toxins are difficult for the body to process, are hard to get rid of and are linked to the carcinogens that cause illness.

So, as I believe in balance – no extremes here, for a healthy diet I try to implement as much raw food as possible into a normal organic way of cooking. This makes me feel good, eat exactly what I want and enjoy what I’m eating.

Find our recipes here
To read more about raw food link here


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